Local Santas Make Muni Seem Welcoming and Not So Dangerous for a Change

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Christmas has come and gone, so hopefully you remembered to document your drunk relatives making everyone feel a new kind of uncomfortable.

And while you were indoors feverishly unwrapping gifts and being gluttonous, these fine Santas were doling out happiness to the homeless. Staged inside what appears to be a historic Muni Cable Car in downtown, a group of Santas passed out clothes and other donated items to our local residents who weren't as lucky as you were on Christmas Day.

David Cruz via Natures Latern
Lots of Santas

Well, it was certainly a refreshing moment for Muni, having potential passengers get something other than robbed, stabbed, or run over by the bus.

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njudah topcommenter

Not to be a nitpicker, but that isn't a Muni cable car. It's a rental you can rent from any one of a number of companies.

That said the more important thing is : these santa folks are AWESOME and deserve a high five for their efforts!

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