San Francisco Cop: We Weren't Drunk or Going 100 mph in Lamborghini in Broadway Tunnel

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Gentlemen, start your engines...
Earlier today, SFist ran a story about an eye-opening Facebook post from veteran San Francisco cop Sergeant Carl T.

T -- who legally changed his name from Tennenbaum after a superior officer told him he couldn't have a name tag reading "Carl T." -- posted on his Facebook page a video of a Lamborghini roaring through the Broadway tunnel with the title "Broadway tunnel. 100 Miles per hour in the Lambo." In the comments section, he notes "it's roomier than you'd think. Plus, we were all drunk."

In a conversation with SF Weekly, T backpedaled, saying the car was not going 100 mph, no one was drunk, and he's neither driving nor filming the sequence. "There was no drunkenness," he says. "I've done some crazy stuff, but I'm not that stupid."

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Jim Herd
Sergeant Carl T
T says he was the third person crammed into a two-seat 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo a friend rented for several weeks. He says another friend is the cameraman of the video -- which was suddenly no longer available online following SF Weekly's discussion with T.

The video was shot in the middle of the day and T affirmed "No, no, God no" when asked about the drunkenness quip. "That was done tongue-in-cheek." He didn't have any idea how fast they were going, but a mathematically inclined commenter at SFist took the length of the tunnel (0.37 miles) and the time of the clip (18 seconds) to come up with an average speed of 74 mph. (The posted speed limit is 35 mph).

Whatever T's judgment in publicizing this video, he's still a trusted hostage and crisis negotiator for the police department. He most recently helped talk down the man who last week climbed scaffolding on the Embarcadero.

Thankfully, that incident didn't involve a 100 mph conclusion.

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Hopefully he's no longer Sergeant T and only Mr. T now.


SFPD not only hired this lunatic, they promoted him to sergeant. Don't worry people. His job and gold plated pension is well protected. 


nJudah is probably one of Carl T's many friends in the SFPD, posting comments downplaying Carl T's misconduct and that of his buddies.  Drunk or not, Carl T and friends drove at high speed through the Broadway tunnel, breaking the law and creating a hazard to anyone else who might have been in the vicinity.  But boys will be boys!  Carl T has, on other occasions, boasted about driving drunk.  This isn't just "humor" - police officers like Carl T are a problem.  

njudah topcommenter

I knew it. I saw the video and assorted comments and it was pretty clear to me they were just engaging in a little hyperbole and not drunk or whatever. That kind of humor doesn't always translate well in print, especially in Hyper Sensitive San Francisco, where everyone is quick to fly off the handle at a moment's notice.


@KMA966 KMA966 - rascist and proud; affirming on a daily basis that rascism. is alive and well in America.

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