Rain Forces Delays, Canceled Flights at SFO

Tis the season
The world hasn't ended, but it certainly sucks, especially if you are trying to fly out of SFO today.

The airport is reporting not just delays but massive flight cancellations, and you have the rainy weather to thank for it. NBC reports that more than 60 flights have been canceled -- and the number is still growing.

"Lots of the flights are very full today, so they will continue to operate albeit somewhat delayed," SFO spokesman Doug Yakel said. "I think the day will really show based on how the weather comes in and the severity of the rain will really determine how long the delays are."

The cancellations mostly affect short-haul flights up and down the West Coast, according to Yakel.

If you are headed to SFO now, check with your airline first to make sure you still have somewhere to land.

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