District 7: There Will Be No Recount

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"Zero! Zero recounts!"
Earlier today, we reported on the detailed costs of a potential recount in District 7, where Norman Yee edged F.X. Crowley by 132 votes.

Department of Elections head John Arntz now says he received a call earlier today from the attorney representing Crowley's backers. And, in the words of the Gershwins, "Let's call the whole thing off." There will be no recount.

Jim Sutton had been representing District 7 resident Linda Plack, who was bankrolled by a consortium of union and labor groups backing Crowley. Arntz says Plack/Sutton/Unions/Crowley didn't respond to his request to submit a cashier's check for a shade over $10,000 by 10 a.m. today, and Sutton phoned not long ago to throw in the towel on the process.

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"It was too expensive," said Sutton. The equation weighed by Plack and her backers was "The ability to raise the money vs. the chance that a recount would change the result."

Crowley lost to Yee by 0.54 percent of the vote; according to an analysis by the nonprofit organization FairVote, of 18 statewide recounts between the years 2000 and 2009, the average margin change was only 0.03 percent and the largest was 0.11 percent -- far below what Crowley would need to topple Yee.

Arntz said the results of November's election are now done and done. They will be signed off by the Board of Supervisors tomorrow. Once the mayor applies his signature, the papers can be sent to Sacramento and work on bond measures can commence.

The elections boss said "a few thousand dollars, for sure" had been expended in tabulating the potential costs for a recount, "but I can't charge for that."

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