DA Hopes New Campaign Will Make Drivers and Pedestrians Not Hate Each Other

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It's not hard
We all know that San Francisco drivers and pedestrians understand each other about as well as Republicans and Democrats traversing this fiscal cliff.

But it's the holidays, and District Attorney George Gascón is waxing optimistic. The DA today launched a new traffic safety campaign, hoping, at the very least, it will encourage drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to get along during the holidays.

And if it works, maybe they'll stop killing each other.

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Gascón's office created these thought-provoking ads, titled "What's the Rush?", which will be slapped on bus shelters as well as inside and outside Muni trains and buses during the month of December.

"The few seconds it takes for you to slow down could very well save your life and the lives of those around you," Gascón said.

The DA timed the campaign with the holidays, when the streets are even more packed with people, cars, and bikes. While pedestrian injuries and fatalities in San Francisco have declined over the last decade, we still have one of the highest per capita vehicle-pedestrian injury collision rate in the state.

In 2011, there were 17 pedestrian fatalities in San Francisco.

So here's what this Christmas campaign will remind you:

  • Drivers should respect pedestrians' right-of-way, and avoid speeding, and put their cellphone away.
  • Bicyclists should also obey the rules of the road. That means stop at a stop sign.
  • No jaywalking. Pedestrians should walk at designated crosswalks and intersections

DA Traffic Safety Campaign
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"Stop killing each other", huh? Yes, we need to stop the killing of innocent drivers by the dangerous pedestrians and bicyclists.

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