Cops to Teach Cyclists Some New Tricks on How to Avoid Getting Their Bikes Stolen

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Doesn't this just piss you off?
The only thing more frustrating than getting hit over the head with a high heel by a drunken Marina girl is having your brand-new bike stolen, even though you locked it up.

This really isn't hard to believe, but bike theft is on the rise in San Francisco, with more than 500 bikes reported stolen last year. In the Mission District, at least one bike a day is reported stolen, said Officer Matt Friedman.

But here's your chance to stop those thieves from pedaling off with your new fixie. SFPD is teaming up with a slew of other groups that care about you and your bike enough to hold a bike theft workshop next week.

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There you'll get new tips for how to lock up your bikes so they actually can't get ripped off; experts, including mechanics and bike techies from the San Francisco Bike Coalition, Valencia Cyclery, and San Francisco SAFE, will show you how to lock up your bike and better secure your garage, where many of these bicycles are taken.

"We've noticed a lot of break-ins via garage doors, whether people leave them open or there's weaknesses in garage doors," Friedman said. "San Francisco Safe is talking to people about ways to beef up [security] in that area. Bikes are only getting more expensive and it's important to protect those investments."

In addition, cops will be on hand to explain how they investigate bike thefts, and give cyclists advice on what to do should they find their stolen bike on Craigslist or eBay. The National Bike Registry will also be there so you won't have any excuse to not register your valuable bike.

So far 100 concerned cyclists have signed up for the workshop, which is a clear indication that bike theft is a big problem in San Francisco; last year only 25 folks showed up to the event, Friedman said. The facility has room for 200 people, so don't forget to register.

"[Bike theft] has been slowly on the rise and it's prevalent all over San Francisco," Friedman said. "SFPD isn't going to arrest their way out of the problem -- we need to educate community on what kind of locks to use and techniques."

"It's a problem and it leads to bigger and greater crimes," Friedman said.

So for those of you who want to kick off 2013 with a new bike -- and keep it -- pedal on over to the workshop on Dec. 10 at Google SF, 345 Spear (at Folsom). It starts at 6 p.m. sharp.

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