Cops to Crack Down on Doomsday Drunks Come Dec. 21

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Jazz Aldrich/Great Basin Brewing Company
Here's your Mayan chaser
If you were planning to guzzle all your finest wine to mark your last day on Earth Dec. 21, it's best you don't drive that night -- just in case the world doesn't end.

If you do get caught drinking and driving, then you can be sure you'll be celebrating your very own doomsday come Dec. 22.

Come Friday, you will see cops, cops, and more cops as law enforcement sweeps the city for its DUI saturation patrol from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. -- prime drinking time.

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"Lots of folks will be out during this busy holiday season, enjoying themselves and the holiday festivities, and we want everyone to be safe on our roadways," said Capt. Denis O'Leary. "That's why we will be stepping up enforcement to catch and arrest impaired drivers. Please be forewarned. If you are caught driving impaired, you will be arrested -- no warnings. No excuses."

In other words, if you are the Doomsday designated driver, then no Absolut Mayan Martinis for you Dec. 21.

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