Carl T: Lamborghini Video Cop "Taking it All in Stride"

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Go Speed Racer, go...
Earlier this month, Sgt. Carl T unwittingly became the center of a media firestorm quicker than it takes to race a Lamborghini through the Broadway Tunnel.

T -- who legally changed his last name from Tennenbaum -- posted a video on his Facebook page captioned "Broadway tunnel. 100 Miles per hour in the Lambo." In the comments section, he notes "It's roomier than you'd think. Plus, we were all drunk." In a subsequent interview with SF Weekly, T denied any alcohol-infused joyriding, claiming the car was not going 100 mph, no one was drunk, and he's neither driving nor filming the sequence. "There was no drunkenness," he says. "I've done some crazy stuff, but I'm not that stupid."

The 30-plus year veteran today told us that he's "taking it all in stride" after his three-month-old video "took on a life of its own."

T is still reassigned to the department's property division in the Hall of Justice, booking and logging evidence after being yanked in mid-month from active duty as a sergeant at North Beach station. He remains a hostage and crisis negotiator.

Jim Herd
Sgt. Carl T
He declined to say much, as a misconduct investigation is ongoing. T has not been told how stiff the penalties may be or even how long the investigation may take.

"There will be some discipline meted out," he says. "The chief has his job to do, and the mayor and supervisors have to react and respond to what they see. That is understandable."

For anyone forming an impression of him based solely on the video and its aftermath, however, T noted, "If they only know me through the video, they don't know me. Anyone who wants to get to know me, you'll find me at the Hall of Justice."

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