Local Cop Being Investigated Over Facebook Post

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Carl T says dumb things on Facebook
The always zany Sgt. Carl T might have thought he was being funny -- or at least he was having fun -- when he posted on his Facebook page a video of a speeding Lamborghini with comments noting haw fast the car was going and drunk its passengers were.

T -- who legally changed his name from Tennenbaum after a superior officer told him he couldn't have a name tag reading "Carl T." -- and his Facebook friends were certainly entertained by the video -- which has since been removed -- until SFist picked it up.

Now, T is the center of an internal investigation, and we're guessing that's not so much fun.

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It's standard procedure," said Officer Carlos Manfredi. "Any allegation being made or misconduct by an officer, there will be an administrative investigation."

He said the investigation will look at the total incident to determine whether the video was real. "It's not uncommon to have investigation, especially on this where a reporter is making these statements," Manfredi added.

T told SF Weekly yesterday that the car was not actually going 100 mph, and nobody was drunk. In fact, he's neither driving nor filming the sequence.

"There was no drunkenness," he told us. "I've done some crazy stuff, but I'm not that stupid."

We suppose it's up to Internal Affairs to decide.

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Kite Chronicles
Kite Chronicles

pretty mellow...i have gone a lot faster through there and unfortunately(sigh..)...a lot drunker

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