Animal Lovers Accuse Nancy Pelosi of Profiting Off Animal Cruelty

Hooray for meat!
If you were planning on a low-key lunch in Mill Valley today, be sure to order the veggie special.

Animal rights activists are gathering at Piatti Restaurant in Mill Valley at noon to trash Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi for capitalizing off veal.

According to the group In Defense of Animals:

Leader Pelosi claims to be "green" and a "sustainable living" supporter, while allowing the sale of veal at four restaurants in which she is an investor. In Defense of Animals' (IDA) members and supporters have sent Leader Pelosi almost 8,000 faxes asking her to adopt a No Veal policy at all of her restaurants.

"If Nancy Pelosi is comfortable with serving veal at her restaurants, she should display some integrity and transparency by opening these 'green' veal operations to the public and personally showing everyone the "environmental" way to confine and kill a baby calf," said Joe Haptas, IDA's executive director.

Now for the group's pitch: The veal industry is built on torture -- systematically inflicting unimaginable suffering on over 62,000 innocent newborn calves per month. Veal calves are usually taken from their mothers hours after birth and placed in intensive confinement until they are slaughtered, according to IDA.

"Most veal calves live their brief lives without any sunlight in filthy, dark environments, chained by the neck in individual stalls barely larger than their bodies. They must urinate and defecate on themselves because they are intentionally denied the ability to move in any direction -- this lack of movement is what makes veal meat "tender." They aren't even given enough space to sleep comfortably," the group says.

The requirements of the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act to ensure that animals are unconscious and cannot feel pain before they are decapitated or their legs are amputated are ignored in veal production.

"There is absolutely nothing 'green' or 'sustainable' about the veal industry," Haptas said. "Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of herself, and she should show some real leadership -- veal is not 'green,' it's bloody wrong."

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Maria Nelson
Maria Nelson

I completely disagree. You cannot impose your beliefs upon someone just because you deem it to be a certain way. These restaurants I am sure produce a lot of revenue which is great for the economy!

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