Unfashionable Thieves Make Off With 50 Oversized Right-Footed Shoes

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If the shoe fits...

We're not kidding when we tell you that a San Francisco shoe store had some $10,000 worth of right-footed plus-sized shoes stolen Monday night.

Perhaps it was the work of some right-footed peg-leg pirates?

According to Johanna Nilsson, a spokeswoman for LLXLLQ (AKA: really large shoes for women), she parked her car near 19th and Valencia streets, leaving a suitcase of 50 right-footed shoe samples in her trunk. When she came back, the shoes -- and incidentally, her Christmas spirit -- were long gone.

The Palo Alto-based online store, which specializes in oversized Italian shoes, is now hoping that a good Samaritan who appreciates shoes will find the footwear and return it.

Yes, there's a reward -- no questions asked. Anyone who returns all 50 shoes can get either a free pair of oversized footwear (one right and one left shoe), or $150 Visa gift card. If you know what happened to the shoes, call Nilsson at (650) 516-7463.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised if now there's a sudden rash of left-footed shoe thefts around town.

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Thank you Coburn for this article! One of your readers called and emailed me to tell that the LLXLLQ shoes were last viewed on "Tuesday morning (probably around 8/8:30). The shoes were at the NW corner of Dorland & Guerrero (closer to Dolores/17th), between 17th & 18th Streets. They were all together, in a big pile." Has anyone seen the shoes since? 

On a different note - I think I need to show you the shoes... The category of your follow-up snitch would still be "WTF",  because the reality of the shoes would impress you! :) /Johanna

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