Women Innocent in Brawl at Giants Game

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Two women accused of starting a fight at a Giants and Padres game which knocked a 60-year-old woman over a row of chairs were found innocent, says San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi. 

The two 19-year-olds were smoking a joint when a 26-year-old woman who was at the game with her 60-year-old mother started complaining, and that's when the trouble started.
Briana Chamorro of San Francisco and Amber Hanna of San Bruno, who were at the game with two other female friends, put out the joint after the woman started complaining, but 15 minutes later the daughter and mother decided they'd had enough of the lingering smoke around their heads and decided to leave. The aisle was clear on one side, but they decided to leave the other way, walking in front of the four girls. 

Well, the girls didn't move out of the way fast enough for the incensed young woman, and pretty soon elbows and arms were flying and the mom went over the back row of seats. 

"The jury said the daughter was absolutely not credible," says Edward Mario, Chamorro's attorney, in a press release. "She was evasive and confrontational when she appeared in court. She could have easily avoided these young women. Instead, she started a fight."

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