Tim Lincecum Freaks Out Gavin Newsom's Kid

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Twitter user Fawn Liebowitz
Scaring kiddies, whether you like it or not
Sergio Romo may look illegal. But, according to Montana Newsom, Tim Lincecum looks terrifying.

The above image is making the rounds on the Internet. But it would seem none of the non-local rags have hit upon the possible rationale behind the former mayoral daughter's angst. Two words: Buster Posey.

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While the gathered throngs waited (and waited, and waited) for yesterday's City Hall victory celebration to commence, Lt. Gov. Newsom and his adorable progeny stood for a televised interview. It warrants mentioning that Montana Newsom is the daughter of a politician and an actress, so she has a natural predisposition toward repeating what she's coached to say.

In an obviously rehearsed but still heartwarming moment, Papa Newsom coaxed his daughter to chirp "Let's go, Giants!" and note that her favorite player is "Buster Posey."

So, there you go. For whatever reason, other, inferior catchers always seem to take the field during Lincecum starts -- be they Bengie Molina, Eli Whiteside, or Hector Sanchez.

If there's some kind of drama going on, the Giants have kept a tight lid on it. And it sure didn't keep the team from winning it all (or Posey catching Lincecum's relief appearances -- but not his start -- in the postseason).

But maybe young Posey partisan Montana Newsom is picking up some bad vibes. That or Lincecum's hair tickles.

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