S.F. Nudists Sue to Stop Ban on Public Nudity

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Nelson Estrada
San Francisco's naked people filed a lawsuit yesterday in federal court, attempting to stop the city from banning them from doing what they do best -- be naked in public.

The lawsuit filed in San Francisco claims any such ordinance would violate the civil rights of people who want to strip down naked for personal or political reasons.

The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on the propose ban next week.

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Nelson Estrada

Supervisor Scott Wiener proposed the legislation, which would prohibit people from going au naturel on city streets, sidewalks, and plazas, except during permitted fairs and parades that people attend to be naked, including Gay Pride and Folsom Street Fair.

Earlier this week, prolific nudist Mitch Hightower announced that S.F.'s naked community had retained attorney Christina DiEdoardo. She filed the case yesterday while her clients stood outside the courthouse, some dressed, some not.

DiEdoardo claims the ban is too broad and would inhibit the free speech of nudists who can't afford a permit. Before the suit was filed, nudists dropped trou at City Hall to protest the ban. "It's like saying the only colors people can wear in October are orange and black," DiEdoardo said.

So if you believe in being nude in public, or you don't mind seeing those dicks around town, then feel free to kick in your hard-earned money to support the cause; The group has started its own "stop the nudity ban" fundraising campaign to pay its legal fees.

Also, expect another nudists rally this weekend. 

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