S.F. Nudists Retain Attorney to Fight Proposed Ban on Naked People

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Taking Wiener to court
The naked folks of San Francisco are gearing up to launch a class-action lawsuit against city officials in attempt to block Supervisor Scott Wiener's proposed ban on nudity.

Prolific nudist Mitch Hightower announced this morning that the group has hired Christina DiEdoardo as their (clothed?) attorney. According to her website, DiEdoardo believes that being nude in public is a free speech issue, and criminalizing this behavior by "unprincipled prudes and attention-seeking politicians" is wrong.

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You can read more about what DiEdoardo thinks about naked people here.

And in this case the right to exercise free speech is anything but free; nudists are asking you all to kick in some of your hard-earned cash for the legal fees. The group has started its own "stop the nudity ban" fundraising campaign, where donors are already pouring in.

From the fundraising website:


And don't forget, tomorrow at noon documentary filmmakers will be at City Hall recording raw footage of another San Francisco nudist protest.

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well Carol, why read an article on nudity, if you don't expect to see nudity. 


The guy on the right could have tucked his d*ck away for the photo ... gawd, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little :/


god, is it me or does every fringe group in the world have a lawyer in SF ready to defend them.

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