San Francisco's Perfect Girl Isn't Exactly Barbie

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San Francisco's own Ophelia
In a city like San Francisco, where running around naked is considered fashionable, it's kinda hard to imagine what the "perfect woman" might look like. Perhaps she resembles someone like this gal to your right -- Mission Street Barbie dressed in drag?

Alas, San Francisco's perfect woman isn't Barbie -- but she isn't Ken, either., the world's largest dating-auction website, surveyed 5,000 male San Francisco members who helped piece together this utterly useless conclusion about what men here consider to be the "perfect woman."

So what does this San Francisco goddess look like?

According to the website, the guys here say the perfect woman is brunette and has blue eyes; she's a social drinker, but not a smoker, and she has earned a master's degree -- at least.

The website was able to concoct this perfect gal by utilizing its "bid for first dates" model, which determines the amount of money San Francisco men have spent to date the most desirable women.

What we learned is that San Francisco men are willing to shell out:

  • $140.54 for a date with a brunette

  • $136.25 for blondes

  • $19.60 for social drinkers

  • $12.82 for non-drinkers

  • $43.79 for a woman with blue eyes

  • $37.08 for a woman with brown eyes

  • $16.28 for a non-smoker

  • $2.70 for a regular smoker
When it's all said and done, the average San Francisco man is willing to pay an average of $255.52 to go on a first date with the "perfect woman" (see above).

"A man's desire is measured by the amount that he is willing to invest in an opportunity," says Brandon Wade, the CEO and founder of "This is a perfect example of 'putting your money where your mouth is,' as these men date what they desire and have the means necessary to find their perfect woman."

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