Nudists Refuse to Get Naked in the Rain (NSFW)

Coburn Palmer

Now we know nudists do have limits: wet weather.

A legion of prolific naked people went through with their planned rally to protest a ban on public nudity, but they didn't hold this demonstration outside. Rather, the rainy weather pushed them indoors, away from community members who probably didn't really want to see their naked butts anyhow.

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Instead, the nudists took shelter in the Center for Sex and Culture on Mission Street near City Hall. For about an hour they ranted against the city as speaker after speaker came forward, comparing the nudity ban to the much-despised gentrification of San Francisco. Although some nudists wanted to take the protest outdoors, it seemed enough of them weren't willing to get naked in the rain.

The indoor rally was led by the infamous Gypsy Taub, the first nudist to drop trou at City Hall on Nov. 20 after Scott Wiener's ban on public nudity passed. But that was just a teaser of what's to come if the Board of Supervisors officially makes the ban city law. Next Tuesday city supervisors are scheduled to take a final vote, and should it pass, Taub has vowed to lead a mass disrobing.

The nudists aren't just relying on their naked bodies to stop this ban. They've also filed a lawsuit against the city in federal court to stop San Francisco from banning their right to be naked anywhere, anytime.

The small group of nudists was joined by representatives from the European group Fuck for Forest, and, a group devoted to fighting child prostitution in Liberia.

"The battle for body freedom is a global battle," says Taub.

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Now wait a minute there Mr. Palmer. We were assured by Supervisor Weiner that his moral outrage was motivated solely by perpetual, "365 day" nudity, rather than the occasional episode of it. Yet since as you just observed that doesn't actually occur --even among devoted, highly motivated nudists at a political protests in support of nudity-- would you ask him to revise his calendar? Given the rainy day average in the city, he should be denouncing "298 day" nudity. Of course, it's probable that nudists also don't like to be nude outdoors on chilly, foggy, windy and otherwise inclement days. That could easily bring us down to "150 day" nudity being the source of the offense. don't suppose it's just nudity he objects to do you?

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