Public Nudists to Get Naked in the Rain (NSFW)

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Kate Conger
City Hall mascot
If you notice more naked people bouncing around town as of late, that's because there are -- nudists are stripping down in public while they still can.

Last week, the Board of Supervisors banned public nudity, which has sorta upped the ante for nudists who have no plans to get dressed just yet. Aside from a pending lawsuit against the city, nudists are making the rounds to various political meetings -- exposed, of course -- to show out local leaders what they've got.

As the Ex pointed out, nudists are scheduled to attend tonight's Democratic Party meeting. Hmmmm. Perhaps that's why our local Dems decided to cancel that meeting.

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But don't worry, there's plenty more opportunity to see those dicks. Not even the torrential rain is going to stop San Francisco's naked folk from doing what they love: protesting without clothes on. Expect to see lots of naked people (with umbrellas?) come Friday, when the city's legion of nudists rally on the steps of City Hall at 4 p.m.

They'll make there way back to City Hall on Tuesday (sans clothing) when the Board of Supervisors takes a second vote, which will make the newly passed ordinance banning public nudity official.

"How does [Supervisor Scott Wiener] expect them to respond? Write polite letters to the editor? To some extent, if you attack people, they fight back," Christina DiEdoarado, an attorney representing the nudist, told the Examiner this week. "This is a can of worms that the supervisor opened."

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Notice how all the guys who want to get naked have ripped bodies and big ol dongs?

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