Insanely Adorable Polar Bears Enjoy San Francisco Snow on Their Birthday

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While you've been trapped in your cubicle with a bad headache, San Francisco zookeepers have been having a whale of a time celebrating two polar bears' birthdays.

Today, the zoo decided it would be really fun to ship in 10 tons of fake snow for Pike's 30th birthday and Ulu's 32nd birthday -- and it was. After looking at the photos and viewing the birthday delight on those furry faces, here's what we can safely conclude: Being a zookeeper is a pretty awesome job.

Pike Flat Out.jpg
Courtesy of the SF Zoo
It's his birthday and he can play in fake snow if he wants to
And now for the video:

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Does anybody else find this incredibly depressing? We take the polar bear out of it's natural snowy environment and lock it up in a zoo...then as a special treat he gets to play in the snow that he's supposed to be living in?! BOOOO!!!

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