Obama Voting App: How Many People With Your Name Already Voted Today?

Categories: Election 2012
So you've voted today. Now what? It's a long day of waiting to see how all those negative ads paid off.

Thankfully, the Obama campaign has devised this weird app that'll help us all pass time while waiting for election results to come in tonight (and for your opponent to make their Words with Friends move). Not to mention, it will give you some useless insight about how civic-minded people with your name are.

Just click on this link and type in your name and see how many people with the same moniker have already hit the polls today -- and where they voted.

Says the Obama campaign: "Bottom line: We need every person with your name -- and everyone else, too -- to make it out to the polls to support President Obama."

Of course, you might want to read the fine print before you get too excited by this Election Day game. The link will take you to a page where you must log onto Facebook, and by doing so you just might be agreeing to hand over a bunch of your information to the Obama campaign, including your birthday, your "likes," photos, e-mail address, and profile information.

And if that's the case, then who really cares how many "Johns" voted today?

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