Obama Breaks Down While Thanking Volunteers, Proves Real Men Do Cry (Video)

Categories: Election 2012
Move over Hillary Clinton
Just a day after being reelected to another four years in the White House (just love saying that!), President Barack Obama got pretty weepy while delivering a heartfelt thank you to young volunteers at his Chicago campaign headquarters.

It was an unexpectedly sweet moment. You can hear the president's voice crack a bit around the three-minute mark as he talks about how those kids are so much better -- much smarter, and more organized -- than he ever was. He gets misty-eyed, and then the waterworks begin, followed by a booming applause.

Watch the touching moment:

H/T: SFist
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It is too bad, why no one has offered President a box of paper napkins or a hot shoulder to cry? President do not carry a handkerchief? 

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