Nancy Pelosi Says She'll Keep Her House Leadership Role (Update)

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Is she tired yet?
Update (Nov. 14): Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi announced this morning she will stick around as the House Minority Leader. Nobody in the House is challenging her on this one, as she's loved by her fellow Democrats. San Francisco should be stoked -- she's our powerful pipeline to the White House.

(Original story Nov. 13): Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is expected to announce Wednesday morning whether she intends to remain as House Minority Leader or officially retire from her post.

Pelosi, who has represented San Francisco since 1987, became the most powerful woman in America when she became Speaker of the House after Obama was elected in 2008. She lost the speaker gavel after the 2010 elections when Republicans took control of the House.

If the powerful Pelosi does step down from her leadership position in the House, it will probably signal her intention to leave Congress sooner rather than later, says David Latterman, a San Francisco-based political analyst.

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Pelosi won reelection on Tuesday with more than 80 percent of the vote, and says no matter what happens she will finish her term, which ends in 2015. "She's not immortal," says Latterman. "She can't be there forever."

She led Democrats during two elections in which they were unsuccessful in regaining control of the House of Representatives; last Tuesday, the Dems failed again to gain the 25 seats needed to take control of the House.

Still a political power figure, Pelosi, who helped usher in landmark healthcare reform, has remains a key fundraiser for the Democrats.

Pelosi's retirement would set a number of wheels in motion here in San Francisco, starting with this question: Who would we want as our next representative? Should they be young and able to build seniority in order to bring back big bucks for San Francisco projects? Or should we promote a skilled pol for their years of faithful service?

Stay tuned, as Pelosi says she will share her plans with us tomorrow.

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I think she's a great representative of San Francisco, but she hasn't been an effective speaker. She wasn't effective with the majority, then she lost the majority, then she failed to regain the majority despite voters having a major swing back away from the right. It was time for some new leadership ... alas, the House will keep doing what it's doing and hope for a different result. 

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