Naked People Hang Out at City Hall -- Literally (Photos)

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It seems Supervisor Scott Wiener's proposal to ban public nudity in San Francisco has only tempted people to drop trou all that more often.

Well, they should probably do it while it's still legal.

On Wednesday, nudists gathered at City Hall -- again -- to protest the proposed ban on naked people in public. But they aren't relying on these bare-skinned rallies to sort out this community feud. Nudists have retained an attorney of their own, one who believes everyone has the right to flap freely in public.

In any event, you've seen one naked person in San Francisco, you've probably seen them all:

Nelson Estrada

Photo 2012-11-14 03.57.35 PM.jpg
Nelson Estrada
Photo 2012-11-14 03.57.54 PM.jpg
Nelson Estrada

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How does pepper spray and firehoses affect genitalia?  Lets find out.

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