Muni Bus to Remain in Wadsworth, Nev.

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Step down!
In today's print edition of SF Weekly, we featured a story about a diesel articulated 14-Mission Muni bus incongruously resting on the side of the road in Wadsworth, Nev., a 250-mile jaunt from here.

It turns out that, per veteran Muni employees, buses end up in strange places. But this is still counterintuitive. Muni spokesman Paul Rose told us that the bus -- No. 6090 -- was sold to an unknown buyer in the late 1980s. Carmen Tobey, the proprietor of Smith & Tobey Towing, says the vehicle was hauled onto his land following Burning Man. The owner, a "San Francisco guy," was purportedly past due on his commitment to move the bus elsewhere, and Tobey and his wife's patience was growing thin. But, Tobey now tells us, a deal has been struck and the 14-Mission will be sitting in Wadsworth for the foreseeable future.

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"He paid up for another couple of months," said Tobey of the vehicle's as-yet undisclosed owner. "He's gonna store it here a little longer."

Tobey said the plan is for the owner to bring out a mechanic to see if the bus is salvageable. It is apparently suffering from transmission problems -- never a good sign on a vehicle that may be pushing 40. Whatever the case, the bus' storage spot is paid up until the end of January.

Asked if the orange-and-white double-length bus is attracting a lot of attention behind his sign, Tobey said it isn't. "Nah, not really. It's just sitting there."

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