Ross Mirkarimi Can Relax, Effort to Recall Sheriff Isn't Gaining Momentum

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Relax, Ross!
The effort to recall Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi isn't happening -- at least not anytime soon. The Democratic County Central Committee had been considering moving ahead with a recall, but this week, it decided to scrap those plans, especially since it's been hard to find a financial backer to shell out the money needed to take this to the polls.

The DCCC was set to consider a motion by Zoe Dunning last night to recall Mirkarimi, but that measure was dropped from the agenda after she withdrew it.

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The resolution was originally set to be considered during the October meeting but was rescheduled for this month, perhaps because of the recent presidential election. But now Dunning has removed her recall measure for the DCCC's consideration, citing timing as the reason.

That's not to say she's abandoning the cause -- it's just on hold for now, she tells SF Weekly.

"I'm just taking this one step at a time," says Dunning. "I believe there is a silent majority of Democrats in the city who are uncomfortable with a sheriff in power who has been convicted of domestic violence."

Money is also an issue. The signature-gathering campaign is estimated to cost as much as $500,000, and a recall election could cost the city upwards of $3 million. At first, it seemed moneybags Ron Conway would be willing to pick up the tab for this effort, but that hasn't materialized.

The DCCC isn't the only entity considering this recall effort, however. In October, San Francisco Women for Accountability, an independent expenditure committee, was formed by political consultants Andrea Shorter and Joyce Newstat solely to try to defeat Supervisor Christina Olague after she crossed Mayor Ed Lee and voted to reinstate Mirkarimi as sheriff. And it worked; London Breed beat Olague at the polls in November, and the group has since set its sights on getting rid of the sheriff.

The recall stems from Mayor Ed Lee's months-long effort to oust Mirkarimi permanently. Mirkarimi was first suspended in March after pleading guilty to domestic violence charges stemming from an incident New Year's Eve when he grabbed his wife's arm hard enough to bruise it. 

All along, some argued that only voters should be allowed to boot Mirkarimi from office.

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red.marcy.rand topcommenter

A non-story from the beginning. I never voted for Ross M but this has been BS from the get-go. Put it to bed.


Until the issue of the DA''s incredibly poor performance in handling DV cases is included in the issues being raised, as well as the failure to create a San Francisco entry in the region's DV database, this entire effort is little more than a con to use DV for a political agenda. 

The sad part is they know better.

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