Brazen Robbers Lock Man in Trunk of His Car

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FYI: Newer cars have latches in the trunk so you could escape
A San Francisco man had a different kind of painful parking experience last night in the city's Bayview neighborhood when he was attacked and forced inside the trunk of his own car.

According to Officer Gordon Shyy, the 46-year-old man was getting out of his car after he parked at Ingalls and Hollister when three men approached him and pistol-whipped him until he fell to the ground.

The second suspect took the victim's car keys and opened the trunk of the car. They stole his property, which included money, his cell phone, and a jacket, before forcing him to get in the trunk and locking it police said.

The victim was trapped, but not really; thanks to technology advancement, he was able to escape through a latch that opened the trunk from the inside of the car, Shyy says.  When he hopped out of the car, he saw the one of the suspects pedal off on a bike, and the two others were last seen running on foot.

The victim called the cops, but refused medical treatment for his banged-up face. Police have no leads, and they could only tell us is that the suspects were described as black men in their 20s.

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