Did You Miss Those Adorable Puppies and Kittens on Display at Macy's?

The weekend rain probably kept most of you indoors stuffing your face with disgusting Twinkies and listening to Elliott Smith on repeat. So here's what sunshine you missed while you were indoors perpetuating misery:

Would probably be really happy to see you when you got home
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That's right, those adorable cats and dogs that appear every holiday season at the Union Square Macy's are back -- and they are eagerly awaiting your adoption.

Tell your mom we said you could get one
San Francisco kicked off the annual Macy's Holiday Windows, showcasing hundreds of homeless animals who are supposed to give you sad looks as you pass them by during your shopping spree. The display of adorableness will continue through Jan. 1, so you still have plenty of time to go get one.

And just think, they are a hell of a lot easier to handle than a kid.

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@SFWeekly @10SFreakoid not sure if you've ever seen this. It's so adorable.

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