London Breed, F.X. Crowley, Eric Mar Lead in Supervisor Races (Update)

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Kate Conger
Update at the bottom:

The polls in California have officially closed, and now voters and candidates wait. The San Francisco Elections Department said results could come as early as 8:30 p.m.

A crowd of people gathered at the University of San Francisco where students, faculty, and whoever else felt like stopping in are eagerly awaiting state and local election returns.

Like any shindig that starts at 8, election parties across the city are so far quiet and mellow; In District 1, the scene at David Lee's campaign headquarters is super laid back, with a few volunteers hanging out, chowing down on pizza.  

Down in District 7 at Norman Yee's campaign, SF Weekly staff writer Joe Eskenazi showed up before the party started -- and it was awkward. But from what he could see at Caffe D'Melanio, there was a big television and a birthday-like banner in the back reading: "Congratulations, Norman Yee, Our District 7 Supervisor." Oh, and there's definitely a strong smell of coffee in the air.

Not too many people -- including the candidate -- have shown up to John Rizzo's campaign party in the Haight. There are some folks at the bar watching the election results, but they claim to not be with the Rizzo team. In fact, one guy said he was a Julian Davis supporter and had coincidentally stopped in for a beer after he got a haircut across the street. Hmm. Maybe they're checking out London Breed's party down the street at Nickie's Bar where at least five cars are double parked.

Joe Eskenazi
This is where your money went
No matter what happens with this election, you can't say F.X. Crowley didn't serve the people of San Francisco tonight. At the District 7 candidate's headquarters, happy supporters spent the evening devouring foot-long chili dogs and beer while they waited. Crowley was upbeat, saying he's feeling good about the exit polls, although he has no reliable data on which to base that. What we can tell you is that the Crowley camp says it has made no rank-choice voting arrangement with Mike Garcia, which skews well for Yee in this election.   

Anyway, check back for more updates tonight; we'll let you know when candidates and voters are doing more than eating pizza and chugging beer.

Update (8:50 p.m.) Permanent absentee votes are coming in, showing Mike Garcia, District 7 supervisor candidate, in third place so far. It's still very early, but with 18 percent of the vote, Garcia tells SF Weekly he's disappointed. Prior to viewing the numbers, he described his feelings as "fear and loathing."  Norman Yee is leading the district race with 28 percent of the vote, followed by Crowley with 26 percent.
Coburn Palmer
Down in District 5, early returns have London Breed in the lead, garnering 32 percent of the vote and Julian Davis in third place with 13 percent of the vote. District 1 is close, with David Lee trailing Supervisor Eric Mar by 5 percentage points.

Go ahead drink another beer, and we'll update you again soon.

(Update 10 p.m.) Supervisor Mar's party has gotten big -- and possibly intoxicated(?). Supporters are chanting Mar's name over Romney's concession speech. Meanwhile, Yee cracked a bottle of champagne for his supporters, although the night is still very young for him, even if he's got a strong lead.

Meanwhile, a beleaguered Julian Davis was drinking bourbon on the rocks as he watched election results roll in. He told SF Weekly that he's still holding his head high despite all the "mudslinging" that's gone on in this race. And yes, he does still have supporters, contrary to what you have read in the newspapers, he says.  

(Update 10:21) Nickie's bar is overflowing with London Breed supporters, and it's damn hot in there -- hot enough that people, including the candidate herself, have stepped outside to get some fresh air. Breed says she's glad she's coming in first place in District 5, but she's even happier that Romney didn't win the presidency. "I would be miserable," she said.

(Update 10:36 p.m.): It appears it may be a tense few days for District 7 candidates Norman Yee and F.X. Crowley, thanks to the screwy ranked-choice voting system. Well, at least everyone seems to be having a good time tonight, and Crowley assures us he'll sleep well.

(Update 11 p.m.) Supervisor Eric Mar has taken the lead for District 1, capturing 53 percent of the vote, despite the disgusting amount of soft money that came out of the David Lee camp -- money used for crazy anti-Mar ads. In any event, Mar is pleased by the election results and for once gave us a non-boring quote: "We're gonna show the big business groups that they cannot mess with our communities, and that we will kick their ass every single fucking time."

(Update 12:10 a.m.) While things appeared to be going Norman Yee's way in District 7, the latest Ranked-Choice Voting run puts F.X. Crowley atop the heap. SF Weekly is no longer knocking back Buds and foot-longs at Camp Crowley, but someone who is tells us that "the mood here is great" and that "the change shocked everyone." With provisional and absentee ballots yet to be counted, this looks to be a squeaker.

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