Remembering Harvey Milk and George Moscone

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If you've been feeling defeated by the fact that California still hasn't legalized gay marriage, just think of Harvey Milk today -- that'll give you some hope.

Today marks the 34th anniversary of Milk's and Mayor George Moscone's death. The two San Francisco icons were assassinated in 1978 by their colleague, Supervisor Dan White. San Francisco's gay community is hosting a candlelight vigil this evening as well as a march past Milk's former camera shop on Castro Street.

"Harvey Milk was a visionary whose life and death had a profound effect on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community. He is remembered for his passion and his perseverance in his quest for equality for all people." said Anne Kronenberg, his former aide.

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The Moscone and the Milk families issued the following statement on the 34th remembrance of Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Milk:

On this very sad day for our families, we are truly warmed by all the San Franciscans who will come out tonight to the steps of City all to remember George Moscone and Harvey Milk and all those across the nation who will stop to reflect on the extraordinary example of leadership and courage they had left for us all.
Jonathan Moscone, George's son, and Stuart Milk, Harvey's nephew, will be at City Hall at 4:30 p.m. for the vigil. Mayor Ed Lee, Mayor Willie Brown, and Assemblyman Tom Ammiano will speak at the event and the march will follow.

So head down to City Hall this afternoon and think of all the ways in which you, too, could help advance gay rights.

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red.marcy.rand topcommenter

They were two of the lowest life degenerates ever to pollute San Francisco. One was a homosexual pervert who liked under age males and the other favored Black prostitutes. I can't condone murderĀ  but let's don't glorify these two.


@justme2 I can't even imagine.


@SFWeekly @HMilkFoundation OMG...the anniversary of that sad day IS today.

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