Happy Texans Say They Don't Want to Secede From America, Start Opposing Petition

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All nine of them!
Yesterday, we told readers about the bitter denizens of the Lone Star State and their plans to secede from the rest of the freaky nation. A petition has been circulated asking Obama to please release Texas from the United States of America so it can go start its own (freaky) government.

But before you lump every Texan into that category marked "sore losers," there are some folks out there who want you to know they are happy being Texan and part of the United States. A counter petition started yesterday, asking Obama to "peacefully negate any request for the State of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America."

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"It is hoped, through a majority, that Texans will counter calls for State secession," the petition states.

As of 9 a.m., nine Texans had signed onto the petition, which needs 24,991 signatures by Dec. 12. We're guessing it's the same nine who voted for Obama?

In any event, we're always up to watch a good Southern duel unfold.

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God bless those courageous happy patriotic American Texans.  They already know that they don't want to get stuck, with a bunch of cowpeople, who believe that might is right.  The far right radicals are Americas biggest problem, thanks to radical radio talk show shitstirs.

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