Get a Sneak Peek at This Monster Attacking the Golden Gate Bridge (Video)

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Monster reportedly last seen riding BART from Oakland
San Francisco is always talking about "the big" one that'll strike the city and cause mass destruction. Well, it might not be the "big one" but something certainly very big will make a cameo in San Francisco on the big screen next summer.

And when we say big, we're talking about a really colossal fiend. 

San Francisco's raging narcissists will get to see our fair city go Hollywood next summer when Guillermo Del Toro releases his latest film, Pacific Rim.
Indie wire runs with the latest sneak peek of the much-anticipated film with this "news" footage that gives us a glimpse of a monster attack in San Francisco. You can't see much of the monster, but based on the destruction it brings to the Golden Gate Bridge, we can tell you it's fucking huge.

Check it out:

Break out the popcorn.

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