Fox News Thinks Everyone in San Francisco Is Naked Right Now

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Fox News is right-wing America's news source for the truly phobic, which is why we weren't surprised this morning to find news headlines declaring Illinois' War on Christmas and enlightening us that secession is a deep American principle.

Then you scroll to the "culture" section of the news site and there's this headline making a farcical claim about the City by the Bay:


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It's true there are a legion of proud nudists in San Francisco who seem to despise fabric, but the only thing that's really running wild out there is Republican paranoia. Needless to say, the Fox News headline just might give our cousins in Alabama (the ones we like) the wrong impression about us.

Of course, Fox's snippet on San Francisco's latest crop of out-of-control freaks has given its nudophobic readers another chance to preach intolerance, to put it nicely.


All will be resolved later today when San Francisco Board of Supervisors are expected to vote on whether to put an end to the days of running wild for local nudists.

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Nobody's running around San Francisco naked right now.  It's raining, and cold, and there aren't enough tourists out to keep the regulars entertained.


Good luck helping anyone that watches Fox News have an independent or original thought. 


Yeah, we are all naked. So is Nancy Pelosi - the least truly liberal politician in town. 


Y'all should come check out radical liberal Dianne Feinstein too. 



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