District 7: Updated Numbers Shave Seven Votes -- Seven! -- Off F.X. Crowley's Lead

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F.X. Crowley retains a slim lead...
Last night, District 7 Supervisorial candidate F.X. Crowley's camp noticed something off with the late-breaking results reported by the Department of Elections. Sure enough, the city had been putting Crowley's vote totals alongside Norman Yee's name and vice-versa.

When that mistake was straightened out, Crowley led Yee by a whole 338 votes. And, after beginning to process the glut of uncounted ballots today, that lead has shrunk to 331 votes.

Essentially, the status quo has been preserved. And when you're in the lead, that's nice.

Norman Yee.jpg
...Over Norman Yee
"We feel pretty good with these results," says Alex Tourk, Crowley's campaign manager. "But we have thousands of votes yet to be counted. So, unfortunately, it's gonna be a daily grind of 4 o'clock updates for the next couple of days."

In a race this tight, if Yee had picked up even several dozen votes, that would have been a pretty big deal. But seven votes is more or less a wash. More may come in the next few days, however, when larger numbers of ballots will be counted.

Department of Elections head John Arntz says he hopes get through District 7 mail ballots by Friday -- but wouldn't start counting provisional ballots until Tuesday. District 7 ballots will be prioritized in the coming days, but this still figures to be quite the schlep.

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