CVS Offers Shoppers Discount of "Up to $.01" -- Such a Bargain!

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What a bargain! That is a bargain for me!

It's always good to check your receipts. Because you never know when you've been stuck with something you didn't pay for -- a dose of hilarity!

A reader sent SF Weekly this receipt today, which promises a discount of "up to $01." And while the offer expires in December of this year, the United States stopped minting half-cent coins in 1857. So, really, the best deal you're gonna get is one cent off.

Sadly, this receipt didn't come with a time machine. If it had expired in 1912 instead of 2012, the one-cent discount would have had the buying power of about 23 cents. Grand.

Finally, this is the best offer we've seen since that time Patrick Willis jerseys were marked down from $50 to $49.99.

Merry Christmas!

Update: While this coupon is worded in a manner that is unintentionally hilarious, it's not an unintentional wording. This is a designation of the coupon's "cash value," which isn't the same as its "real value" -- e.g. 20 percent off. Still -- pretty hilarious.

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Actually, $23 would be the amount for one dollar. The amount for one cent in 1912 would be 23 cents today. So you're only 100 times too high - see inflation wasn't so high! Vance

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