Chicago Bears Fans Invade San Francisco, Dirty Trix Saloon

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Fred Noland
Da Bears! Da beers! Old Style! DITKA!!!
By now you may have noticed men and women wearing Chicago Bears jerseys circulating in our midst. Remain calm. And, above all else, keep your beer out of sight.

SF Weekly last week published an article about Bears fans' propensity to mass-deploy to cities and drink them dry. San Francisco figures to be the boozy Waterloo for thirsty Bears fans -- but some pockets of our fair city will suffer under the yoke of our parched invaders, in town for tonight's game vs. the 49ers.

Dirty Trix Saloon in the Richmond is one of the city's official Chicago bars -- and there are a whole hell of a lot of folks with very high opinions of Mike Ditka imbibing there at the moment. Owner Lee Parmelee says more than 70 tipplers have wedged into the establishment, a total perhaps 10 times greater than the average crowd for 4 p.m. on a Monday.

Some 55 fans will head over to Candlestick at 4:30 p.m. for the game on a party bus, with perhaps 20 more departing via taxi.

If every visiting fan spent like a Bears fan, perhaps Super Bowl towns really would make money. Parmelee says she ordered 15 cases of Old Style special for today and "I just keep seeing bartenders walking out with another case after another case.

"These guys flew in ready to go."

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Rob Nagle
Rob Nagle

I see em leaving with their tails between their legs now

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