Californians Launch Petition to Leave United States

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I reckon one a dem Southern varmints signed this here petition!
Along with perusing gifs and kittens and kitten gifs, the hot new way of wasting time on the Internet seems to be starting secessionist petitions.

Residents of Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Kentucky grabbed headlines this week by initiating petitions on the official presidential website requesting they be excused from the nation.

If Californians desire to crack jokes about residents of the above four states creating economies based on barbecue, hunting rifles, and Lark mobility scooters, by all means don't hesitate to do so. But know that your own fellow Golden Staters are petitioning to be released from the Union as well.

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Content Texas Inaugurate Opposing Petition; Wish to Stay Americans

The creator of the petition -- which, as of the moment, has amassed nearly 7,000 signatures -- is listed as "Jennifer K" from Yucca Valley.

SF Weekly was unable to reach the mayor, town manager, or any Yucca Valley councilmembers on short notice. But it's a pretty good bet that "Hotbed of Secessionism" won't replace the logo on the town's current crest: "Celebrating 20 Years."

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