Fox News Host Says S.F. Public Nudists Were "Gang Banged" as Kids

Fox News once again demonstrated its discomfort with that whole "being a credible news source" thing after its co-host Bob Beckel made some rather incredible (to put it nicely) remarks about San Francisco's public nudists and their motivations for stripping down.

After San Francisco city supervisors passed a ban on public nudity last night, Fox News talking heads went live on their broadcast The Five, musing about why naked people like to be naked. It was Fox News as usual until host Dana Perino baited the conservative pundits with this question: "What happened to these people as children that they don't want to wear any clothes?"

Beckel responded matter-of-factly: "Most of them were gang banged, probably."

Oh, the look on Perino's face. 

There were some uncomfortable chuckles before Beckel tried to clean up that offensive statement by suggesting perhaps it was a product of sexual assault. 

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Beckel is the resident , token liberal on the show..

David Owen
David Owen

Rape of kids is funny on a newshow? What a sick world these people live in.

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