Benjamin Pessah, S.F. Shooting Victim, Wakes From Coma in Time for Thanksgiving

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Benjamin Pessah
It's not all fog and rain out there. A Bay Area man who was shot in the head last month at a Halloween party in San Francisco reportedly awoke from his coma, giving his family something to be thankful for over the holiday weekend.

A month ago, when 21-year-old Benjamin Pessah was rushed to the hospital, doctors said there was a 25 percent chance that  he would survive the gunshot wound to his head; they weren't' optimistic at all. But that negative outlook took a sharp turn last week when Pessah woke up from a medically induced coma in his San Francisco hospital room and said "Hi, Mom."

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According to ABC News, Pessah continued to delight his family on Thanksgiving when he took his first steps. "I was speechless. I didn't really know what to say, it was very unexpected," said his older brother brother, Nick Pessah.

Benjamin Pessah doesn't recall the shooting, but he does remember other important things in his life, including account passwords and his address, his family told ABC News.

On Oct. 27, about 12:40 a.m., the Burlingame man was leaving a Halloween party with his girlfriend at Fort Mason when a man allegedly touched the girl "improperly." Pessah went to his girlfriend's defense, which angered the suspect enough that he allegedly went to the trunk of his car parked nearby in the lot, took out a .45-caliber handgun, and began shooting. A bullet hit Pessah in the head as he and others took cover under a car.

After the shooting, the suspect, who was wearing camouflage-style clothing, got into a white four-door sedan with a woman who was inside the car, according to San Francisco police.

Later that morning, investigators tracked down 30-year-old Hun Saelee and 26-year-old Judiana Lau at a San Lendro home where they found Saelee still dressed in the camouflage clothing he was wearing at the time of the shooting.

Both were arrested on suspicion of attempted homicide.

"It was pretty bizarre and unnecessary," Nick Pessah told ABC News.

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Great news for the Pessah family, who never gave up hope.

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