Here's How to Prepare for the Torrential Rains That Will Hit San Francisco This Week

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It'll be a good excuse to sleep all weekend
As you already know, heavy rains and strong winds on their way to San Francisco. So enjoy your last few moments of dry land while you can. Also, spend this time to prepare yourself for something bigger than a light West Coast drizzle.

The Department of Public Works has been kind enough to start clearing catch basins and removing dangerous tree limbs before the storm.

Meteorologists are expecting heavy rains and high winds to shower the Bay Area through Sunday.

Here's what you can do to help the city make a safe transition into this wet weather.

  • Go sweep around your homes and businesses to ensure the storm drains won't get clogged. It'll pay off if and when there's flooding.

  • Go get your free sandbags from DPW to help people in low-lying neighborhoods protect homes and businesses. Some 6,500 are stockpiled, ready for distribution. Pick them up at the DPW Operations Yard at 2323 Cesar Chavez St. There is a limit of 10 sandbags per household. Proof of residency is required at time of pickup.

  • Residents should call the City's 311 Customer Service Center to report clogged drains, localized flooding, or storm-damaged trees.

  • If water has entered your garage or basement, don't be dumb -- do not walk through it.

  • If you are asked to leave your property, disconnect all electrical appliances.

  • Get your emergency supplies ready, that includes working flashlights, a portable radio, and a first aid kit, and put them in secure, high places.

City crews will be on standby during the storms to quickly help with flooded catch basins, downed trees, and other hazards across the city.

"If your property flooded before, there's a good chance it could flood again,'' said DPW Director Mohammed Nuru. "Come and get sandbags to prepare now."

Get more tips on storm safety here.

Also, send us any cool shots you take of thunder, lightning, and soaked people.

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