BART Addresses Broken Escalator Issue in This Man-on-the-Street Video

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Obviously, he couldn't hold it until he got to the escalator
In effort to help people better understand why BART escalators constantly break and take so long to fix, the transit agency released this sorta insightful video that might answer your questions.

The nearly 2-minute "Ask BART" footage features an escalator expert who gives a rundown on all the obnoxious ways in which people are screwing up the moving stairs at BART.

See if any of these apply to you:

Okay, the only thing truly surprising in this video is how this "expert" failed to address the most problematic (and gross) cause of broken escalators: human poop and pee.

So we will use this as another opportunity to remind you all to hold it until you get home.

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'course they could open the bathrooms and bring back trash containers.

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