Woman in Miniskirt Tries to Stop Critical Mass With a Single Road Flare (Must-See Video)

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Tami Twarog
San Francisco police reported that the critically massive Critical Mass on Friday went down without a hitch -- no arrests, no injuries, and nobody was gunned down.

Except the cops seemed to have glossed over this problematic duo in the Tenderloin.

Thanks to SF Citizen, we can all have a deep belly laugh watching these women dressed for the theater attempt to bring down Critical Mass with a single road flare. It's enlightening, hilarious, and above all, it's free entertainment.


We see a bright future for her as a not-so-effective traffic cop.

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@justizin @SFWeekly Holy shit, if I jammed a flare in people's faces like that I'd be in jail. No DOUBT about it.

abledart topcommenter

I haven't watched the video and see to reason to do so. I'm sure the woman involved is not very bright, but then being dumb and panicky is not necessarily as crime. Critical Mass, however, is criminal behavior. People do it because they are self-actualized by bicycling; they justify it publicly by declaring that car use is killing people. On one level they are right about that, but then, obesity kills people too - so why don't we think it would be cool for a mob to raid the local Chili's and dump patrons' food into their laps? Stop trying to justify mass assholism - that's what Critical Mass is.


I just discovered CM, and I know better than her. MT @SFWeekly Stopping #CriticalMass with one single road flare http://t.co/Ywj6QEwt


@AdamInOakland @SFWeekly but she's dressed so nice! ;)


@AdamInOakland @SFWeekly right? Talk about a few thousand counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon.

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