Wienermobile, Nudists Do Not Mix

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Oscar Mayer
Everyone remained clothed, alas
If it wasn't burned into your retinas in the flesh, please experience our coverage and slideshow of this weekend's nudist rights affair in the Castro.

By failing to wander outside the area that Supervisor Scott Wiener now complains is the home of an "almost daily ad-hoc nudist colony," however, the nudists missed the opportunity for a product placement tie-in for the ages.

As SF Weekly noted earlier, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was in town this weekend. Had the nudists held their shindig on Friday in the Outer Sunset or relocated on Saturday to Daly City, they'd have been in the presence of America's favorite phallic vehicle. That, however, would have required some gumption; they would have had to mobilize their wieners to see the Wienermobile. 

When asked if she'd witnessed anything unusual over the weekend, Wienermobile co-pilot Lisa Rosenblum answered "No. Not at all." There were no nudists to be seen, unless they were wearing a lot of clothing. 

This is San Francisco. Is this the best we can do? 

If protesters are looking for a reason to shed their clothes and swarm a vehicle designed to promote meat products, consider this: Rosenblum says the Wienermobile gets the mileage of "a big SUV." Them's fighting words in this town! 

While a clothing-optional protest was avoided this time around, Rosenblum says the Wienermobile will roll back through these parts in November. It'll be cold, yes -- but you were never going to outshine the Wienermobile anyway. 

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