That Bright Light You Saw Last Night Wasn't a Meteor From Orion, Astronomers Say

If you were outdoors enjoying the unusually warm weather in the Bay Area last night, perhaps you experienced the other surprise: that really loud, bright boom that everyone is talking about (on the Internet, of course).

As we are all eagerly awaiting the Orionid shower, which is happening this week, it seemed only fair for people to believe that that shocking sighting last night was indeed the expected gift from outer space.

But alas, scientists prove us wrong again. According to the professional star gazers, that the fiery show you saw might have been a meteor, but it definitely did not come from Orion (or from Chevron's refinery, for that matter).

Astronomers told NBC last night that the Earth was positioned perfectly to shield us from the annual Orionid shower. Whatever it was, it certainly entertained the Bay Area for the night, and set the social media world on fire.


Did you see the streak of light pass by? If so, tell us about it -- leave your photos, complaints, and compliments below.

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@SFWeekly I didn't see it, but I definitely heard it!!! #BOOM

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