Creepy Steve Jobs Sculpture Is Partly Made of Apple Guru's Trash

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This would make a nice Halloween gift
Steve Jobs has apparently inspired art just as much as he's inspired tech. Look no further than this newly created, freakish sculpture of the Apple CEO himself which, believe it or not, was made of trash collected from Jobs' residential garbage bins.

According to Cory Allen Contemporary Art, artist XVALA supposedly pilfered trash from Jobs' home with plans to recreate the Apple-banned Steve Jobs action figure for mass production.

According to the artist:

Coated in an "Apple White finish," the sculpture is cast in the artist's patented plastic porcelain, mixed with a recycled resin made up of Steve Job's residential trash which the artist collected from the tech icon's home several months before his death.

The sculpture, which is dubbed "Think Different," is that of Steve Jobs dressed in his traditional turtleneck and Levi's jeans, with an iPhone 5 in hand. It was inspired by M.I.C. Gadget's Steve Jobs action figure, which readers might recall was discontinued after Apple's lawyers threatened to sue in 2010. In 2012, Chinese toy manufacturer In Icon experienced the same pressure from Apple's lawyers, and it, too, canceled the production of the Steve Jobs action figure.

But lawyers or no lawyers, this rubble-laced art won't become yesterday's trash. "The production of this sculpture will continue with or without Apple's approval," said Cory Allen.

"Think Different" will debut at AIS Editions on Oct. 13 at 8 the Brewery Arts Complex at 642 Moulton Ave. in Los Angeles.

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