Idiot Allegedly Tries to Smuggle 2.5 Pounds of Cocaine by Swallowing it

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It seems like criminals get dumber every day.

This not-so-bright man was busted at San Francisco International Airport after he allegedly attempted to smuggle 2.5 pounds of cocaine filled pellets in his stomach.

Emanuel Amakura, a U.S. citizen, was reportedly stopped by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents last week because he was having trouble walking as he tried to board a flight to Japan.

You'd probably have some trouble walking if you, too, had swallowed 100, thumb-sized pellets, Frank Falcon, a customs spokesman, tells SF Weekly.

Apparently, Amakura's plan was either to poop out the pills on the plane and re-swallow them(!), or just hope he didn't get busted, officials said.

But things didn't go as planned; customs agents stopped Amakura during a routine inspection, for obvious reasons."You probably can't move too well" when you have that many pills in your stomach, said Falcon.

Before Homeland Security took him into custody, Amakura was transported to a nearby hospital where he "passed the pills," which tested positive for cocaine.

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