SFPD Responds to Increasing Gun Violence in the Mission

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We keep telling you about more murders and more violence nearly every day in the Mission District. But now we are going to tell you what police are doing about it.

Sgt. Michael Andraychak tells SF Weekly that the Police Department has allocated "additional staffing" to the Mission District in response to the recent spike in assaults, shootings, and overall violence that have plagued the neighborhood.
While he wouldn't disclose how many more officers are patrolling the streets, he did say the Department's violence reduction teams and gang task force specifically have been deployed to hopefully try to curb the number of people being killed in the Mission.

Just to recap:

Tuesday morning, 28-year-old Jose Matias-Aguilon was shot to death on the corner of 21st Street and South Van Ness. Police arrested two people, including a 14-year-old boy, in connection with the murder.

Five days earlier, two men were shot on Harrison Street; 19-year-old Cesar Bermudez, a San Francisco resident, died, while the other victim is expected to survive. Five days before that, 19-year-old Jose Escobar was shot to death as he walked through the Mission neighborhood.

On September 20, a group of people spontaneously rioted along Valencia Street after an undercover officer shot a man who was believed to be a gang member. Demonstrators trashed the area, smashing car windows and storefronts, as well as scribbling the word "killers" across the Mission Police Station.

And don't forget about the chaos that happened after the World Series win on Sunday; much of the destruction happened right there in the Mission District, where small fires burned. Police arrested three dozen people, and the city attorney is pledging to sue every single one of those vandals.

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Question why doesn't  the  SFPD  investigate the influx of firearms in the city?  Instead of just reacting to terrible situations, why aren't they being proactive?  If anyone in the police department reads the newspaper or listens to the news, they would hear the familiar lament from families of shooting victims,  they state over and over again that there are more guns showing up in their neighborhoods than ever before.

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