Cops Bust 44 Alleged Fugitives in the Tenderloin

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Yesterday, San Francisco police rounded up dozens of suspects who had been on the lam during a five-hour enforcement in the Tenderloin. 

Cops focused primarily on locating fugitives in the Tenderloin where they say there's a high concentration of wanted parolees. During the morning operation, they rounded up 44 suspects, arresting them on various felony and misdemeanor charges.

Of the suspects arrested, 13 are on active parole, 29 were booked for felony charges or felony warrants, and 15 were arrested on misdemeanor charges or misdemeanor warrants.

This isn't the first time San Francisco police roamed the streets looking for fugitives -- and it won't be the last. Police will continue to partner with state and county agencies to catch suspects allegedly running from the law. 

So don't get too cocky if you managed to dodge the cops this time around, because they will be back -- soon.

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hplovecraft topcommenter

..A good day for decent citizens ; a 'bad day' for liberals , Communists and Occupiers...

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