S.F. Snookum Bears Enjoy Halloween Treats as Much as Your Kid Does (Video)

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SF Zoo
Nice costumes
Admittedly, we didn't know anything about the Coati until we caught sight of this video released by the San Francisco Zoo, which shows, among other things, how much Snookum Bears love Halloween.

The S.F. Zoo released this video of two Coatis, Rosie and Maggie, chowing down on some of their favorite edibles: pumpkins, spices, and treats. They also like to rub themselves in perfume (to freshen up their tails!).

Anyway, the Zoo surprised us with footage of the two very active sisters enjoying another day in confinement:
Per the Zoo:
Did you know that pumpkins make for great enrichment for our active and curious South American Coati at the San Francisco Zoo? In this video, see them play and enjoy treats, while learning about these adorable creatures. Remember to hold onto your Trick or Treat bags tightly when you come to boo at the zoo -- we're masked bandits and we love treats.

Now we kinda want to know what Banana-Sam's plans are for Halloween.

H/T: SF Citizen

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