Nudists to Rally for Naked People, But Kindly Ask That You Leave Your Hard-Ons at Home

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Just another day at the office

Now that Supervisor Scott Wiener has officially introduced legislation to ban public nudity, naked people are organizing a (clothing-optional) fight.

If you really want to get your point across, then go ahead and mark Oct. 20 as a day you plan to spend naked in public. The nudists of San Francisco are asking you all to come out to Jane Warner Plaza for at least two hours and show the world (and Scott Wiener) what you got.

Check out the official invite:

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As many of you have heard, San Francisco Supervisors have been discussing a ban on nudity in San Francisco. Although they say it would not include events like Pride and Folsom, it would include public transportation which many would need to use to get to these events.

It would also ban anyone wearing chaps or jock straps in public or showing any genital exposure.

The bill is to get rid of the nudists who walk around Castro, but we have to consider several things. A) People are and should be entitled to live their lives the way they want. B) San Francisco has always been the city where you can let your freak flag fly without any judgement. C) Nudity is not something that should be covered up and the human body is not something that we should take shame in (regardless of who is exposed).

And believe it or not, even nudists have their boundaries.

"Lets rally together in our jock straps, chaps, or whatever shows your ass in public. Nudity welcomed. If you come nude, know that current laws state you cannot be lewd in public meaning you can not have a hard on, and cannot perform sexual acts in any way. It's a celebration of the human body and to protect our rights," the invitation states.

Earlier this week, Wiener asked the Board of Supervisors to consider passing a new law that would ban public nudity from almost everywhere in the city, except at events where you go to be naked, i.e., Folsom Street Fair and Bay to Breakers. Also, kids under the age of 5 will still be allowed to run around without clothes on.

Obviously, the legion of folks out there who feel restrained by clothing are not happy, and they aren't holding back, as you can see from these recent Facebook posts.

Rally for Nudity (before its against SF Law) - Facebook.png

Hm. Maybe the public nudists could donate their clothes to people who are living on welfare. Just a thought.

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I really don't understand why people get so upset about the human body.  If you haven't noticed we all have one so we all know what they look like.  No surprises.  The real upsetting thing is the disgust humans have toward their body.  The only explanation for this must be from a continual negative conditioning throughout their life time.  We are probably the only animal that lives in fear of another human seeing us without covering.  Granted, we do require covering for safety reasons but really no other.  Laws that prohibit a human being from wearing only their own skin is odd in a free society, especially in a society that brags to the world about how free they are.

Kurt Dunlap
Kurt Dunlap

these guys aren't nudists.Nudists don't hand out in public, these guys are just lonly looking for someone who is unsure of their sexuality, predators?


Without having been to the Castro, it's hard to tell if they're all just exibitionists, or there really are actual nudists there, but a few bad apples get more press. In any case, I'm guessing that some of these guys would get kicked out of a nudist resort pretty quickly.

Pardon us, but we have seen little evidence of 'nudist' behavior in the questionable activities which have cast a bad light on the previously quirky but otherwise harmless privilege of public nudity.  Any writer should know that words have meaning, and the briefest look into a dictionary will quickly distinguish naked people acting irresponsibly from real nudists.  Yet that incorrect term was used several times in the course of the article.


This slur on naturism as a minority lifestyle is unacceptable and indicates that the writer is either ignorant of the subject or is intentionally maligning nudists by associating the term with socially dysfunctional misfits unable to behave within society's standards.  Which is it?The further scatological reference to nudists, "And believe it or not, even nudists have their boundaries." would hardly pass muster were any other minority to be substituted for 'nudist'.  But yes, rest assured that even nudists/naturists do have boundaries, boundaries much more stringent than society in general, and light years in advance of what passes for social convention in Castro."Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differing views together with respect for the environment".  International Naturist Federation  


ALL nudists/naturists subscribe to that philosophy if they wish to be included in our community.


It might be added that overt sexual or provocative behavior of any kind is not permitted nor desired by any nudist in a naturist setting.  Castro is obviously not a naturist setting and the situation is not by any means nudist/naturist in nature.  It is merely naked.  Neither do nudists deliberately offend prudes; they have a right to enjoy society too, plus the reality is that and we exist at their whim, as does public nudity in SF.


If you don't believe that, check out Arkansas law on the subject, then try to find a place to be legally nude outside of your bath tub there!


Social nudists learned long ago that sexuality and nudity, while working together quite nicely in the bedroom, cannot coexist well in a community which desires utmost to be able to relax and enjoy nudity in a social setting.  The Castro example demonstrates what happens when the freedom to be naked in public is granted to those who simply cannot handle the responsibility.Because of the actions of the few, the many will suffer.  Unfortunately those harmed the most seem to be directing their frustration towards those charged with maintaining public order rather than at those responsible; the few who just can't behave in public.  But that's their problem.It's a shame that the good naked people of Castro may lose their ability to enjoy a little sun when desired; it's a tragedy that the example of Castro's failure will be used in the future to ban public nudity elsewhere in this country.  "Look what happened when SF tried it!" will be the battle cry.


In the future, we nudists/naturists would prefer that naked people not be referred to as 'nudist' when in fact they are not.  Call them something else if you wish, perhaps something equally inappropriate like ''Catholics' or 'Martians' or 'Big Birds'. Call them anything but please stop targeting nudists for the behavior of someone else.  Accuracy in reporting is not a sin.

Jean Jeanie
Jean Jeanie

The irony of a wiener trying to ban wieners...


this social nudity in the castro phenomenen indictates the end of white, male privilege and the transformation of the castro neighborhood.  amen.  let's sweep these old, selfish, white males into the sewer and bring some class back to san francisco.

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