Accused Bank Robber Attempts to Get Cash, Gets Jail Time Instead

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Now those were some good bank robbers
A suspected robber's day at the bank quickly turned into a night in jail after he skillfully demonstrated that he's no Bonnie or Clyde.

Around 11:30 a.m. yesterday, the suspect walked into a bank on the 2800 block of Geary Boulevard and told the teller, "This is a robbery, give me all of the money."  He allegedly put his hand under the glass opening of the teller window, indicating he wanted the employee to give him the money, according to police reports.

The teller refused to give the man any cash, and instead pressed the silent alarm and backed away from the counter.

At some point the suspect realized he wasn't getting his cash, but if he stuck around much longer, he would be getting in trouble. He ran from the bank, but not before another employee got a good glimpse of him and called the cops.

This incredibly inept bank robber got no farther than two blocks before the cops caught up to him. Police identified him as 52-year-old Scott Crowley, who they say was on federal probation for a prior bank robbery that also went awry.

Crowley, a San Francisco resident, was arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery and burglary.

Sounds like robbing banks isn't exactly his forte.

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